Saturday, March 23, 2013


ohymgod am I back?! I'm back! Hi nobody, how are you? I'm sad that this blog became dusty :( I never meant to neglect it, I just started getting paid to sit in front of a laptop clicking things so it's hard to prioritise the clicking with the blogging. Anyway, what's up? I really feel like writing about CLOTHES. I'm in a total rut, can somebody help me please? I'm doing that thing where you decide on a really specific look for yourself (Twin Peaks pencil skirts) and then completely mess it up after about 4 hours. I just bought a bright orange skirt on Ebay. Nobody from Twin Peaks would ever wear an orange skirt what am I thinking.

So here I am sitting in bed unable to get up because I have nothing to wear, just like old times :') kind of totally missed blogging. I've also pulled something in my neck so I can barely move my head around, the prospect of even washing my hair is pretty intimidating. I guess I'll just tell you guys things that have happened. Hmm. I wore eyeliner last night?! Top eyeliner, flick, half way along the eye. You know, coming from somebody who just rubs red dust under her eyes for make-up, I was actually kind of into it. The problem is, you put on all your make-up and you look kind of slammin, and then you have to walk for like half an hour in the rain to get the art gallery after party (which smells like disgusting incense) and then everything's ruined anyway. But I guess it's not really for those guys anyway.

I went on holiday! With Gabriel, we went to visit his family in Palm Springs and it was just beyond me, I love it there so much. The house was beautiful and the food was amazing, and the sunshine made me feel like a queen. So now I'm just trying desperately to get back out there, spend some more time in LA.

Hmm let's see what else. I'm completely addicted to watching these videos. Is that bad? I can't stop. I'm obsessed. HELP ME. Please leave me a comment if you read this even just "." so I know you guys are all still here. I MISSED YOU. xoxoxoxx


  1. i would fuck my clone
    i would fuck my dad
    i would fuck my cat
    if i could fuck you after

    always yours,


  2. Erm... kind of weird to follow the comment above. Just want to say how very thrilled I am that you're possibly back, big fan of the blog and The Mushpit :)

  3. yay bert i love your style! that photo is possible the coolest photo EVER. you are very cool happy you're back :-) :-)

  4. i enjoy your blog, but i enjoy the comments you seem to evoke in people more...

  5. le bert is le back

  6. so happy you're back i missed your bloggings

  7. keep. blogging. you're fantastic at it.

  8. oh hey gurl

    been following your vice dreamz,

    altho i was here (first)

    urs in anonymity

  9. everyone loves ur blogging!! plz do more i admire u so much xxxx