Monday, May 31, 2010


Franny wowed me with her shoes at dinner, this girl is like a whirlwind of Chanel- topped off with 2 Ipads, an Elizabeth and James knuckleduster and an appetite for Tiramisu and Champage. I mean seriously, what's not to love.....?


Lack of posting due to majority of my time being spent here. Can you really blame me?

Plus finally a picture of the Chanel sunglasses which will be taking their first foray onto the continent tomorrow when I set off for Nice to see Gills. Not sure what I'm more excited for; sunshine, french-italian cuisine or shopping, it's kindof a Sex & The City extravaganza- in fact hopefully I'll be doing some pool-side blogging, perhaps asking the big questions like 'are round sunglasses on an already round face just a little too much?', or 'why is there not enough ice in this damn caprihina?!'.


Just to remind you guys why make-up is dumb, an excerpt from an interview with Daria Werbowy who has just created a like, really natural and, you know, serious make-up collection for Lancome. It's huge. Take it away guys.

"Um it's been, it's been an amazing tran-transition, you know, to have Lancome support me so much
in this project, to have them put the faith in me to, you know, create a couple, um, three
products and some eyeshadows has been an amazing thing for me, for them, has been a great process... I definitely was really interested in going in the labs and sort of learning more about how, you know, the products are made, and just the cosmetic industry in general, you know, it's huge." BABE

Unfortunately if you think Daria sounds a bit, you know, sl-sl-slow, take a look at what Lancome had to say about the collaboration. I want to have it tattooed on my back in blue italic script surrounded by a troupe of flying purple dolphins.

"Daria... her infinitely pure features, an unforgettable look and feline eyes that capture and intrigue you with their gaze. For the last two years, she has been the centre of attention and the talk of the town. We want to bombard her with questions. Yet, we hardly dare to, as we don’t want to disturb the aquatic blue of her eyes." 4REALGUYZ?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gifting Suite

The elusive, enigmatic and sexually charged MR ZOLON made me a mix for BITL which I can't actually work out how to upload/link to. But until I do, here is the artwork. Pretty fash-O-liscious right?! TXD <3

It's Magic

It's been a while hasn't it... Unfortunately I've been busy living a double life: ultra-hip-fashion blogger DU JOUR by day, and..... Glamour model? By night? I might have to come up with a better excuse actually. Anyway style wise some super exciting things have emerged, like a pair of hybrid clogs (I know they sound gross but don't hate), a Fila dress which is quite Lolita in a wierd Belsize Park off-for-a-jog kind of way, and some green socks. Yes they are sludge green, colour of the season bbz. I have, however, been forced to live out of a bag for the last few days, so these magnificent items are currently collecting dust in my flat, while I am collecting dust in Hampstead. Last night me and Sophie watched Dr Parnassus' Imaginarium, one of the oddest films I've ever had the pleasure to experience. No, I don't mean odd in a "Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite film too!!!! OMG!" way, but instead in a rather more "What the actual @$$%£$ was that". Up there with one of the worst films I've encountered, however the casting was alright, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp yeah and then it went down hill, all the way down to Jude Law and Colin Firth. G-U-TTED Lily only got to snog Colin, that's the equivalent of being invited to New York by Paris Hilton and staying in a hostel.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quite feeling the Giles eye make-up tonight..

Faux pas?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay, Alexa, I'm willing to admit it. I don't really like your attitude, I don't particularly like the way you interview people, I don't really like anything you stand for, and basically I don't like that everybody else really likes you. I guess I feel a bit left out, because I don't really get it. Oh and you're way way WAY too skinny. Anyway these things aside, I found this picture of you on Here and you know what, it's pretty cool. Obviously the shoes are HORRID, and I don't know why you haven't got your arms in the sleeves of your jacket. But if I scroll the page down so it stops at your ankles, and imagine you broke both your arms at war, I have to say... I dig it.

High Class Hookerz

So I went to Harrods for the first time a few weeks ago and it seriously blew my mind. However I don't know if it's wierd that I'd never been and actually you'll all be well versed in the gold leaf escalators, blue/green uplighting and general sense of being on a bad set of Anthony & Cleopatra from the 1930's. No? Right. Anyway I walked in and walked around, and walked around some more and basically lost any will to live. After half an hour the only interesting thing I'd seen was picture of Miley Cyrus wearing a dress that was on display behind the picture. Stop you cry, That IS COOL! But no dear friends no, it was not the same dress, if it were I could have scrutinized it for fake tan and sweat and *ahem* gum. But instead I just stared intently at a clean white dress for about 4 minutes until every drip of novelty had run out and spread into a small puddle of despair under my boots. After that I went and found Balmain just so I could touch something which costs more than my entire university education. It felt like pleather. What I learnt from this lesson is: Balmain is disgusting. Ok I basically knew that already, but seeing what looked like the costume of an extra for Queen of The Damned (Aaliyah is literally smokin' in that) with a price tag which a lot of people don't earn in a year, is kindof morally repugnant.. Anyway for want of sounding a little shallow after that totally deep insightful comment, I saw some hilarious stacked creeper-esque lace trainers in Dolce & Gabbana. Is it wrong that I completely dig the monogrammed sole? Is it wrong that I kindof dig the whole shoe? Anyway I was distracted from these crucial questions because a woman stepped on a pin in the Juicy Couture section and starting screeching like you wouldn't believe. Then she proceeded to bark so rudely at the staff that the in-store nurse ran off crying. And then she just sat, amazed at everyone elses incompetence, frothing at the mouth and gesturing at the tiny pinprick of blood on the wrinkly reptile foot extending out of her bright pink velour tracksuit. Gross. She was probably on her way to Balmain.

So I'm getting a bit tired now but I guess the moral of this story is: you should pretty much stick anything out because you never know, at the end of the day you might get a pair of brand new pair of sparkly Chanel sunglasses. Amen.

(No, you did read that right, it really does say £20300.00)

On Living

I want this. Spotted on Alice's blog COOL&BEAUTY and made by her sister ( Just to re-iterate.. I WANT THIS.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miu Miu sparkles

Yes it's Saturday night people!

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