Monday, February 22, 2010


Agyness falls in true Naomi style, cute little bow at the end- very Vanessa Redgrave at the Bafta's (how wierd was that)...


I'm really trying to ignore London Fashion Week, I'm not sure why but the thought of it sort of gets me down. It just seems to fill rooms with the people who take fashion super seriously when actually above all it should be fun and if my first impression of an item of clothing or a bag is a big amazed laugh, then chances are I'll buy it. Also fashion people are just generally quite exhausting and I don't really have the mental capacity for "ooooh my gooood this is goooorgeous, you look amaaaaazing. I knoooow this party sucks, let's go somewhere else! (but actually stay until 3am) These people are soooo hideous, and champagne is soooo 80's" or any other words that you can elongate the vowel sound to freakish lengths in order to emphasize you are a) totally ironic and therefore super intelligent and cool, b) like, totally normal and nice and wow isn't all this fashion stuff like, totally superficial? or c) clawing up the ranks of celebrity, currently sitting on big fat Z-list. Anyway all of this combined with a small inability to look at computer screens too long (I actually swear it makes my hair greasy) makes it hard for me to attempt any sort of finger on the fashion pulse. Actually going to the shows can be fun but also super stressful and I think I was scarred by a time in Paris when I was overcome with nausea and had to run out and puke 15 seconds before the show started. I could blame wine flu but I'm more obliged to blame the rows of people all having spent hours on their outfits, all feeling incredibly important, all looking at me and just seeing "shoes-jacket-hair". Scary. So I've rambled on for a really long time but the ultimate point of this post was to celebrate Proenza Schouler who have re-ignited my LFW flame with their amazing amazing show which managed to be edgy and fun AND wearable *gasp*. The silhouette of the flippy mini skirts with strong jackets and hairy jumpers is super flattering (not just on the 14 year olds promise!!!), the heavy lux fabrics and rich colours stay fresh and girly with cheeky thigh high socks and nautical stripes and topped off with the oh so serious lipstick and school uniform messy hair look which is one of those trusty fall backs we all know and love. It really has made my week, hats off to you boys. Pics c/o


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Make-up can actually be quite fun sometimes. But generally not.



Quick update as I am a little pushed for time. All you need to know for now is YES. YES YES YES.




Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Start of Something

Let me set the scene for you.. I wake up, the sun is shining through the window, I look out and it's the first real beautiful day we've had for months. Me and Daniel cook post-pancake day pancakes and decide to spring clean the flat, all extremely rewarding. We did things like put all my Grazias in a big pile (lame), and recycle the hundreds of pizza boxes (gross). Also actually gross things like washing up/cleaning the 6 month old grime off the bathroom sink/emptying the fridge of really squidgy potatoes but that is not important. What's important is that everything was going GREAT. Everything was basically sepia toned and fun-loving like a Two of a Kind weekend episode, or Gilmore Girls. So I'm trotting down Brick Lane to go see Sophie, all serene and care free with my new westwood bag slung over my shoulder checking out the new Cutler & Gross for Giles and Erdem sunglasses on my blackberry, because of course now it's sunglasses weather.. Right? So you're probably waiting for something really heavy to fall on my head, or like, someone to come up and shout that clothes are dumb and blogging is lame and who the hell do I think I am anyway, or something equally satisfying? Well I got a text from Daniel, who I lent my lovely black classic Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses (why do things always seem so much better when they're gone? Ok they were very standard but that's not the point). It's worth noting that Daniel is crippled with Dyspraxia, unfortunately he won't actually acknowledge this sad fact but I'm like 100 percent sure... or 10 percent, or something. Anyway, he told me "Bert, as I got off the tube, I flung your Raybans onto the tracks to be forever splintered and cracked under Northern Line trains in their dusty grave. Super soz. LOL!!!" this text may not be totally accurate but it was along those lines.. sort of. So now all I can do is cry into my Tesco chocolate pudding, filled with the 7 stages of Grief like Charlotte Gainsberg in Antichrist. And I'll probably become an Antichrist now, torn between jealousy and sadness. This has just re-affirmed my certainty that there probably is a God, and he definitely doesn't think clothes are important. Or my happiness. Or anything that I like. Looks like my perfect day has ended with a real probability that I'm going to hell. Brilliant.

Top:Giles,Bottom:Erdem both pictures c/o CUTLER & GROSS

Monday, February 15, 2010

Further Apart.

More Westwood. Wooo! In other news, I cannot stop sneezing, karma? The photo does the t-shirt dress no justice, it's so simple but fits so well, the back is long and there are splits up the side of the skirt. I really can't explain but I'll post a pic when it's on me at some point. It looks kindof like a kilt or something. Also the hairband which is just so so rad but my hair is really letting me down at the moment... What shall I DO. Ugh. Gotta go.

Things Fall Apart.

RE: Viv Westz. I was quite worried when I got this home because I didn't try it on and it's quite a difficult shape (not long enough for tights, too thick for high waisted shorts). But I have come to realise just how brilliant it is and due to this fact you can wear it with absolutely anything, for example over teeny shorts in summer in an equally horrible colour, I have an orange Cheap Monday pair in mind. Oh yes yes it's going to be a winner.


Happy Valentines Day GUYS. Let's just take a second to hyperventilate a bit at the heart bag. *Heavy breaths* * more heavy breaths* OKAY. Umm me and Francesca went to lunch the other day and started talking about how lame everything is and then we thought let's go to Vivienne Westwood, so we did (duh). The Conduit St VW is no fun, no fun at all, and the staff suck. And they have nothing. And they didn't have the new melissa angel wing platforms in a 4. But they did have one shoe on display of which the assistant helpfully informed us "There's only one! There's not even the other shoe in the store! Ha ha ha!" and we were all like "ha.. ha.. ha...." Well kindof, but probably not as cool sounding and quite a lot more devastated. So we hot-footed it to Kings Road and were welcomed by this shining beacon which induced in me the sort of excitement it's quite embarrasing to admit to, but Francesca totally understood, and I think what really happened was we simultaneously though of *cough* Friedrich Schiller (...) when he said "Beauty alone makes the whole world happy" (obviously I don't read that in my own time... I am sort of still pretending to do my English degree). Anyway this bag makes me happy, and it secretly makes you happy, look at it, it's so shiny, and sparkly, and smooth and plasticky and metally and just oh I don't know, something you dream about from birth. It's a bag conjured up in a daydream (Hi Freud) and ok maybe it's superficial but so what if it does make me feel satisfied and balanced and relax my ego and distract my id and all that nonsense which seems to actually make quite a lot of sense. I could have all the books in the world and there'd be a heart shaped hole somewhere in the shelves. Oh and it's totally practical. You can't carry your keys in a book can you...


I really don't know what's happened to me lately but I had this weird epiphany in JD Sports last week when I thought I realised that I only wanted to shop sportswear ever again. I mean I guess it was awesome but like, what was I thinking? I also bought a pair of shoes which are so too small for me that just thinking about them makes my feet cringe and recoil, the most ironic part is that they're REEBOK. Why is it that I'll buy 4-inch platforms but when I decide to treat my poor heels to a well deserved rest I end up with blisters. I don't really know what to do with them now... Do YOU want a size 4 pair of super Heathers-esque reebokz? Oh.. and they come up small..... dot dot dot........... I've attached a picture of me in Mcdonalds at 3am just to emphasize the whole sportswear epiphany thing. Like I said, weird.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I got given the BEST sunglasses on the shoot with Moni. They are seriously rad rad radddd. And continuing this theme of pictures of LE BERT, here is me in some Henry Holland sunglasses. I really dislike Henry Holland, I swear I see him nearly every day just skulking around like an angry weasel looking for paparazzi. LIGHTEN UP HENRY. Your sunglasses are quite cool though. (First two pics Moni Haworth)

Sure is strange.

This post is a little late so apologies for that. My favourite guy Ashish released his second collab with Topshop on Wednesday and obviously I went down super early with my credit card standing to attention (poor thing must have been terrified). Unfortunately I was quite underwhelmed, sorry Philip but loads of the pieces weren't there and actually the ones that were didn't quite do it for me. The t-shirt in the first picture was one of those really annoying things that you kindof want as a good basic but it's such a stupid waste of money and the only reason they've made it is so you can agonize over it for half an hour and then go back in cold sweats. I have an Ashish t-shirt from about 3 years ago which is a dream and totally what the topshop one wishes it was, but the fabric is really thin and crap like those equally overpriced American Apparel t-shirts, plus it's FIFTY quid which is actually too much because it does look a bit Primark. So anyway I bought the tracksuit bottoms cos they are quite cool and spiky, and one of the spikes has fallen off already. They have given me two extra spikes but even the fact they give them sort of implies they'll all fall out in a week. I will be marching straight back to Topshop (the horror) if that happens. £75? Daylight robbery RIGHT? Anyway I do really want the full suit just to go to Tesco's in and stuff but I'm not really into the big padded arms on the jumper which made me look like I was about to play some American Football. Little disappointed but holding out for Sonia Rykiel at H&M on the 20th, bonjour knitted all-in-one covered in diamonte.